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BMP-1 Irak           BaseVehicle: Ground Equipment , base type: BMP-1 Saddam {{eval IS(origin country,Poland)}} BWP-1 {{eval IS(origin country,Czech Republic)}} BVP-1 OT-90 {{eval IS(origin country,Iran)}} Boragh {{eval IS(origin country,Rumänien)}} MLI-84 {{eval IS(operator country,Sweden)}} Pbv 501 {{eval IS(origin country,Vietnam)}} XCP-01 , built: 30.1.2020 , operator country: Iraq ..., origin country: SU Iraq Poland Czech Republic Iran Romania Vietnam China , kit manufacturer: S-Model , Scale: 1/72 , topics: Armoured Vehicle , aera of use: afterwar , DBTyp: Model
BMP-1 Irak BMP-1 Irak BMP-1 Irak BMP-1 Irak BMP-1 Irak BMP-1 Irak BMP-1 Package
Buddha-Tempelruine   BaseVehicle: Ground Equipment , built: 6.10.2021 , operator country: Vietnam , origin country: Vietnam , Material: Resin , kit manufacturer: Gebo Figuren , Scale: 1/87 , topics: Construction / Structure / Building , aera of use: time(100-heute) , DBTyp: Diorama
Buddha-Tempelruine, Zisterzensienmönche Buddha-Tempelruine, Zisterzensienmönche Buddha-Tempelruine, Zisterzensienmönche Buddha-Tempelruine
M101 105mm on Ural-375D BaseVehicle: Ground Equipment , base type: Ural-375 105-mm-Howitzer M2 , build era: 0 (not yet built) , operator country: Vietnam , origin country: Vietnam , topics: Artillery Truck 6-wheel , aera of use: afterwar , DBTyp: Type Definition

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