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Type definition Striker ATGM

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DBTypType Definition
Base typeCombat Vehicle Recon (Tracked) / CVR(T)
Origin countryGB Parent category: Europe
Operator countryGB Parent category: Europe
Build era0 (not yet built)
TopicsTank guided missile Artillery (Ground Equipment:) Vehicles
(guided missile:) Guided missiles, partially also simply missiles. SSM are combined with artillery, SAM with anti-aircraft, mine clearing systems with Engineering. Air to air and air to ground currently are not specifically marked. Space vehicles are marked as spacecraft
Parent category: Armoured Vehicle, Ground vehicle, Ground Equipment, Aircraft, Gun
Aera of usetime(1970-heute)
BaseVehicleAircraft Ground Equipment
References candidate:Striker FV102 by BPM
Referenced by Type Definition FV438 Swingfire similar type
> Same base or sthg. the like ( Show/hide: [-])
Model Scorpion FV101 (Neuseeland)
Scorpion FV101 (Neuseeland)
Type Definition Combat Vehicle Recon (Tracked) / CVR(T)
Scorpion FV101 (Neuseeland)
Type Definition Scorpion
Scorpion FV101 (Neuseeland)
Type Definition Scimitar
Scorpion FV101 (Neuseeland)
Type Definition Sabre
Scorpion FV101 (Neuseeland)
Type Definition Spartan APC
Type Definition Sultan (Command & Control Vehicle)
Type Definition Samaritan (Ambulance)
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Scorpion FV101 (Neuseeland)

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Scorpion FV101 (Neuseeland)
Scorpion FV101 (Neuseeland)
Almirante Williams Exocet ca 1980
Almirante Williams Exocet ca 1980
SMS Weissenburg (1894) / türk. Torgud Reis
SMS Weissenburg (1894) / türk. Torgud Reis

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