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Type definition TR-85, TR-85M1 Bizonul

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  DBTyp  Type Definition  
  Base type  T-55  Parent category: T-54
  Origin country  Romania  Parent category: Europe
  Operator country  Romania  Parent category: Europe
  Build era  0 (not yet built)   
  Topics  Tank  (Ground Equipment:) Vehicles
Parent category: Armoured Vehicle, Ground vehicle, Ground Equipment
  Aera of use  time(1986-heute)  
  BaseVehicle  Ground Equipment  
  Scale  1/72
  References   candidate:TR-85M1 announced by Armada Hobby
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Model Achzarit APC
Achzarit APC 
Type Definition AZP S-60 on T-55
AZP S-60  class=T-55 AZP S-60
Type Definition BMPT-55
UB32 Rocket Pods 
Type Definition BTR-T
Model BTR-T S8
Type Definition BTS-3
JVBT-55A Big Bull / Kranpanzer T-55TK 
Model Fahrschulpanzer T-55 NVA
Fahrschulpanzer T-55 NVA 
Model IMR (IMR-1)
IMR (IMR-1) 
Model JVBT-55A Big Bull / Kranpanzer T-55TK
JVBT-55A Big Bull / Kranpanzer T-55TK 
Model M-55S
Model SA-3 S-125 Neva / Goa auf T-55 Cuban
SA-3 S-125 Neva / Goa auf T-55 Cuban  class=SA-3 T-55
Model SA-3 S-125 Neva-SC
SA-3 S-125 Neva-SC  class=SA-3 T-55
Model SPK-12G
Model SPOT-55
Model T-55 Ägypten
T-55 Ägypten 
Model T-55 AM NVA
T-55 AM NVA 
Model T-55 Syrien 1973
T-55 Syrien 1973  class={{eval IS(origin country,SU)}} T-54 T-55 {{eval IS(origin country,China)}} Type 59 Type 69 Tank Type 79 , Syrian T-55, Golan heights, Yom Kippur war, 1973
Model T-55
T-55 Package 
Diorama T-55 Enigma
T-55 Enigma 
Model T-55 mit KMT-5
T-55 mit KMT-5 
Model T-55T
Model TO-55 / OT-54
TO-55 / OT-54 
Model TR-85M1 Bizonul
TR-85M1 Bizonul 
Type Definition ZPU-4 on T-55
ZPU-4 (ground / carriage mount)  class=ZPU T-55
Model MT-55
Type Definition MTU-12
Type Definition MTU-20
MT-55  class=T-54 T-55
Type Definition ALT-55
Type Definition T-55 MARRS ARV
Type Definition VT-55 ARV
JVBT-55A Big Bull / Kranpanzer T-55TK 
Type Definition T-54T Panzerzugmaschine
Type Definition BLG-60
Type Definition Ramses II
Model ITPSV 90 Marksman
ITPSV 90 Marksman  class=T-55 Oerlikon 35mm
Type Definition Tarmour
Type Definition BTS-Saddam
Type Definition Al-Zarrar
Type Definition WZT-1 ARV
Type Definition WZT-2 ARV
Type Definition IWT
Type Definition BLG-67
Kit Combination SO 76 M-18 Mod Training Tank
class=T-55 M18 Hellcat
Kit Combination T-55 Bofors 40mm
class=T-55 Bofors 40mm
Type Definition TR-580
Type Definition VIU-55 Munja
Achzarit APC 
Type Definition UOS-155 Belarty
Type Definition T-55 mit D-20 / D-30
class=T-55 D-30 122mm
Type Definition T-55/130
Type Definition T-55 Tiran mit 122mm D-30 Libanon
class=T-55 D-30 122mm
Type Definition T-55 122mm D-30 Äthiopien
class=T-55 D-30 122mm
Type Definition Type 63 Rocket on T-55
class=Type 63 Rocket Launcher T-55

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T-55 Enigma
T-55 Enigma

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