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Arado Ar234P-5

Arado Ar234P-5

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Base typeAr234
Kit manufacturerDragon
A/c manufacturerArado
Origin countryGermany (Germany:) List of RLM designations
Parent category: Europe
Operator countryGermany Parent category: Europe
Build era4 (2000s)
TopicsEarly-Jet-Era night fighter Parent category: Aircraft, fighter
Aera of useWW2 (WW2:) second world war
TextENThe Ar 234 C-3N and C-7 were conceived as night fighters. From these the Ar 234 P should be developped as the main night fighter. She could use different weapon combinations (Mg151 and/or Mk108). The unusual nose accommodated Berlin-Radar.
Das the following picture is directly included of Flugzeugforum and comes from Nexusboard Nightfighters :

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Model Ar234B-2
Model Ar234B Nachtigall
Arado Ar234B Nachtigall
Model Ar234 B
Arado Ar234 B
Model Ar234C-3/C-4
Arado Ar234C-3/C-4
Model Ar234C-3 mit Ar E381
Arado Ar234C-3 mit Ar E381
Model Ar234C-3 mit V-1
Model Ar234E
Model Ar 234 V16 Sichelflügel
Model Ar234B
Arado Ar234B

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Arado Ar234P-5
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