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Komar-Display: ZIS-151 mit SS-N-2 Styx 1/700

Komar mit  SS-N-2 Styx, Komar-Display: ZIS-151 mit SS-N-2 Styx
Komar-Display: ZIS-151 mit SS-N-2 Styx, Komar mit SS-N-2 Styx

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  DBTyp  Model  
  Base type  ZIS-151 SS-N-2  
  Kit manufacturer  Pitroad Skywave EVModel  (Pitroad:) Website: . Skywave produced 1978 bis 1983. From 1986 the kits were sold by Pitroad as a Label. In an intermediate phase both labels appeared on the kits.wurde unter dem Label Pitroad vertrieben. Lange erschienen beide Marken auf den Kits.
  Material  plastic Resin  
  Origin country  SU  Parent category: Asia, Europe
  Operator country  SU For the class: Algeria Angola Azerbaijan Egypt Bangladesh Bulgaria Germany Finland India Indonesia Iraq Iran Israel Cameroon Cuba Croatia Libya Morocco North Korea China Poland Romania SU Somalia Syria Vietnam Yemen Yugoslavia  (Bulgaria:) Pics: , bulg.Flugzeuge 20er-40er in
(China:) Chinese Aircraft
Parent category: Asia, Europe, Africa, Latin America, , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,
  Built  13.2.2020   
  Topics  guided missile Truck Artillery 6-wheel  (guided missile:) Guided missiles, partially also simply missiles. SSM are combined with artillery, SAM with anti-aircraft, mine clearing systems with Engineering. Air to air and air to ground currently are not specifically marked. Space vehicles are marked as spacecraft
(Ground Equipment:) Vehicles
Parent category: Aircraft, Ground vehicle, Ground Equipment, Gun, drive-train,
  Aera of use  afterwar  
  Scale  1/700  
  BaseVehicle  Aircraft Ground Equipment  
  Referenced by Komar mit SS-N-2 Styx, Vehicles on Beach Head, Vehicles on Beach Head
> Same base or sthg. the like on ZIS-151 ( Show/hide: [+])
Type Definition RM-51 on ZIS-151 / ZIL-157
class=RM-51 ZIL-157 ZIS-151
> Same base or sthg. the like on SS-N-2 ( Show/hide: [+])
Model Rubezh 4K51
Rubezh 4K51  class=Rubezh 4K5 MAZ-543 Family SS-N-2
Type Definition SS-N-2 Styx
Referenced itself or via the class in Operation Praying Mantis, 18.4.1988

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