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Type definition ZU-23-2 on BTR-60

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DBTypType Definition
Base typeZU-23-2 BTR-60
Origin countrySU Iran Cuba (Cuba:)
Parent category: Asia, Europe, Latin America,
Operator countryIran Cuba Parent category: Asia, Latin America
Build era0 (not yet built)
Topicsanti-aircraft Tank 8-wheel (Ground Equipment:) Vehicles
Parent category: Ground Equipment, Armoured Vehicle, Ground vehicle, drive-train,
Caliber: 23 mm
Aera of useafterwar
BaseVehicleGround Equipment
References ZU-23-2, BTR-60PB
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Model BTR-ZD Skrezhet with ZU-23-2
BTR-ZD Skrezhet with ZU-23-2 class=BTR-D ZU-23-2
Type Definition BTR-60 w/ 37mm x2 Cuba
Type 63 SPAAG class=BTR-60 ZU-23-2 61-K 3,7cm
Type Definition Toyota Mega Cruiser + ZU-23-2 Ukraine 2023
class=Toyota Mega Cruiser Toyota Technical ZU-23-2
Model ZU-23-2
Model ZU-23-2
Model ZU-23-2 (no wheels)
ZU-23-2 (no wheels)
Model ZU-23-2 on BMP-1A1 Ost Griechenland
ZU-23-2 on BMP-1A1 Ost Griechenland class=BMP-1 ZU-23-2
Model ZU-23-2 on M113
ZU-23-2 on M113 class=M113 ZU-23-2
Model ZU-23-2 on MT-LB
ZU-23-2 on MT-LB class=MT-LB ZU-23-2
Type Definition ZU-23-2 on BTR-50P, PK
ZU-23-2 class=ZU-23-2 BTR-50
Type Definition ZU-23-2 on BTR-152V
class=ZU-23-2 BTR-152
Type Definition ZU-23-2 on Unimog
ZU-23-2 class=ZU-23-2 Unimog
Type Definition ZU-23-2 on Ural-4320
class=ZU-23-2 Ural-4320
Type Definition ZU-23-2 on Halftrack
ZU-23-2 class=ZU-23-2 M3 Halftrack
Type Definition Zachlad TCM Mk.3
class=TCM-20 Hatzerim ZU-23-2 M3 Halftrack
Kit Combination ZU-23-2 on BTS-2/4
BTS-2 class=ZU-23-2 T-44 T-54
Type Definition ZU-23-2 on BTR-70
ZU-23-2 class=ZU-23-2 BTR-70
Type Definition ZU-23-2 on BRDM-2
class=ZU-23-2 BRDM-2
Kit Combination ZU-23-2 on ZIL-131
ZIL-157 class=ZU-23-2 ZIL-157
Kit Combination ZU-23-2 KraZ Gun Truck
ZU-23-2 KraZ Gun Truck class=ZU-23-2 KrAZ-260
Type Definition ZU-23-2 on KamAZ-43118
class=ZU-23-2 KamAZ-4310
Kit Combination ZU-23-2 on GM-578 (Kub)
ZU-23-2 on GM-578 (Kub) class=ZU-23-2 GM-578
Type Definition ZU-23-2 on M548 Cargo truck
class=ZU-23-2 M548
Kit Combination ZU-23-2 on GAZ-66
ZU-23-2  on GAZ-66 class=ZU-23-2 GAZ-66
> Same base or sthg. the like on BTR-60 ( Show/hide: [+])
Model BTR-60P
BTR-60P class=BTR-60 {{eval IS(origin country,Rumänien)}} TAB-71
Model BTR-60PB
BTR-60PB class=BTR-60 {{eval IS(origin country,Rumänien)}} TAB-71
Model BTR-100 Cuba / BTR-60 100mm
BTR-100 Cuba / BTR-60 100mm

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