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This site shows an 'order of battle' page. As models it displays either the ship or one of the same class. If I have a model, this is shown. Otherwise candidates in the market may be referenced.

British Pacific Fleet 22.11.44-1945

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Illustrious class
Illustrious, Formidable, Indomitable, Victorious, Implacable, Indefatigable

HMS Victorious (1945) (Illustrious)
Colossus class
Colossus, Glory, Venerable, Vengeance

HMS Glory R62 1945 (Colossus class) (1/1250), Arromanches 1946/56 (Colossus class), HMS Colossus 1944 (Colossus class)
Colossus class maintenance carrier

HMS Glory R62 1945 (Colossus class) (1/1250), Arromanches 1946/56 (Colossus class), HMS Colossus 1944 (Colossus class)
Aircraft repair ship

HMS Unicorn 1943/59
Attacker class
Striker, Chaser, Fencer

USS Bogue CVE-9/AVG-9 (Bogue class|Attacker class|Type C3 class), HMCS Nabob (Bogue class|Attacker class)
Bogue/Ruler class
Arbiter, Ruler, Reaper, Slinger, Speaker

Similar type USS Bogue CVE-9/AVG-9 (Bogue class|Attacker class|Type C3 class), Similar type HMCS Nabob (Bogue class|Attacker class)
Nairana class

HMS Nairana (Nairana class)
King George V class
King George V, Duke of York, Howe, Anson

HMS Duke of York 9.1941 (King George V-Klasse), HMS Duke of York (King George V-Klasse), HMS Duke of York (King George V-Klasse)

Richelieu 1943 (Richelieu class)
Leander class
HMNZS Achilles

HMS Ajax 1942 (Leander class), HMAS Sydney (Leander class)
Dido class
Argonaut, Black Prince, Euryalus

HMS Naiad (1940) (Dido class)
Town class

HMS Belfast 1943 (Town Cruiser Class|Edinburgh Cruiser Class) (1/600)
Fiji class
Bermuda, HMNZS Gambia, Newfoundland, HMCS Uganda

HMS Trinidad (1942) (Colony class)
Minotaur class
HMCS Ontario, Swiftsure

HMS Swiftsure (Minotaur) (Minotaur Class), HMS Superb cruiser (Minotaur Class) (1/1250),
Kit candidate: WEM Atlantic Models 1/700 HMS Swiftsure in 2017
Abdiel class
Apollo, Ariadne, Manxman

HMS Ariadne (Abdiel Class)

Tromp 1942 (Tromp cruiser class), Jacob van Heemskerck 1940 (Tromp cruiser class) (1/1250), Jacob van Heemskerck 1944/70 (Tromp cruiser class)
HMCS Prince Robert

Similar type HMCS Prince Henry (Prince David class) (1/1250), HMCS Prince David (Prince David class),
Kit candidate: Prince Robert as AA, Prince David as LSI announced for 2019 by Ajm
JKN class
HMAS Napier, HMAS Nepal, HMAS Nizam, HMAS Norman

HMS Kipling Mai 1941 Kreta (JKN Class Destroyer)
Battle class

HMS Barfleur R80 (1944) (Battle Class Gr.I)
UV, WZ class
HMCS Algonquin, Grenville, Ulster, Ulysses, Undaunted, Undine, Urania, Urchin, Ursa, Kempenfelt, Wager, Wakeful, Wessex, Whelp, Whirlwind, Wizard, Wrangler

HMS Venus (UVWZ class destroyer)
QR class
Quadrant, Quality, HMAS Queenborough, HMAS Quiberon, HMAS Quickmatch

HMS QR class 1942 (QR class destroyer) (1/1250), Similar type HMS Onslow (OP Class Destroyer)
ST class
Teazer, Tenacious, Termagant, Terpsichore, Troubridge, Tumult, Tuscan, Tyrian

HMS Savage (ST class 1942) (1/1250), HMS Scorpion (ST class 1942)
River class
Aire, Avon, Barle, Bigbury Bay, Derg, Findhorn, Helford, Odzani, Parret, Plym, Usk

HMAS Gascoyne 1945 (River class), HMS River class (River class) (1/1250)
Bay class
Veryan Bay, Whitesand Bay, Widemouth Bay
pic by
HMS St. Austell Bay 1945 (Bay class) (1/1250)
(mod) Black Swan class
Alacrity, Amethyst, Black Swan, Crane, Cygnet, Enchantress, Erne, Flamingo, Hart, Hind, Opossum, Pheasant, Redpole, Starling, Whimbrel, Woodcock, Wren

HMS Ibis (Black Swan), Hipper F214 1959 (Black Swan|Klasse 138) (1/1250), Scharnhorst F213 1960 (Black Swan|Klasse 138) (1/1250), HMS Starling (Black Swan)
Bittern class

HMS Bittern (Bittern class)
Flower class
HMNZS Arbutus

Base type Flower Class
Bathurst class
HMAS Ballarat, HMAS Bendigo, HMAS Burnie, HMAS Cairns, HMAS Cessnock, HMAS Gawler, HMAS Geraldton, HMAS Goulburn, HMAS Ipswich, HMAS Kalgoorlie, HMAS Launceston, HMAS Lismore, HMAS Maryborough, HMAS Pirie, HMAS Tamworth, HMAS Toowoomba, HMAS Whyalla, HMAS Wollongong

HMAS Lithgov (Bathurst class)
Grampus class
Porpoise, Rorqual

HMS Rorqual (Grampus class)
S class
Sanguine, Scotsman, Sea Devil, Sea Nymph, Sea Scout, Selene, Sidon, Sleuth, Solent, Spark, Spearhead, Stubborn, Stygian, Supreme

HMS Sahib S-class P212 1942/43 (S class U-Boot)
T class
Taciturn, Tapir, Taurus, Terrapin, Thorough, Thule, Tiptoe, Totem, Trenchant, Trump, Tudor, Turpin

HMS T class Group III (HMS T class submarine)
V class
Virtue, Voracious, Vox

Similar type U-Boot SU Type V (V2 ex ex HMS Unbroken P42 U-class Group 2) (HMS U class submarine)
Glenearn, Lothian (and also Glenroy?)

HMS Breconshire Malta 1942 (Glengyle class)
Fleet Train
Adamant submarine depot ship
Aorangi accommodation ship
Artifex repair ship
Assistance repair ship
RFA Bacchus Distilling ship
Bonaventure Submarine depot ship
Berry Head, Flamborough Head
Repair ship

HMS Berry Head (HMS Beachy Head class|Fort ship)
Deer Sound Repair ship
Diligence Repair ship
Dullisk Cove Repair ship
SS Empire Clyde Hospital ship

SS Empire Crest Water carrier

Fernmore Boom carrier
Fort Colville , RFA Fort Langle
Fort class

Similar type HMS Berry Head (HMS Beachy Head class|Fort ship)
HMHS Gerusalemme Hospital ship
Guardian Netlayer
HMNZS Kelantan Repair ship
RFA King Salvor Salvage ship
Lancashire Accommodation ship
Leonian Boom carrier
Maidstone Submarine depot ship
NZHS Maunganui Hospital ship
Montclare Destroyer Depot Ship
HMHS Oxfordshire Hospital ship
Resource Repair ship
Salvestor Salvage ship
Salvictor Salvage ship
Shillay Danlayer
Springdale Repair ship
Stagpool Distilling ship
RNH Tjitalengka Hospital ship
Trodday Danlayer
Tyne Destroyer Depot Ship

HMS Tyne 1942 (Hecla class) (1/1250)
Vacport Water carrier
RNH Vasna Hospital ship
Replenishment oilers
Dale class
RFA Arndale, RFA Bishopdale, RFA Cederdale, RFA Eaglesdale, later RFA Dingledale

Kit candidate: Derwentdale announced by AJM (FB 10.12.2022), Similar style Breisgau ex Salomé
Ranger class
RFA Brown Ranger, RFA Green Ranger
Wave class
RFA Wave Emperor, RFA Wave Governor, RFA Wave King, RFA Wave Monarch

Similar type Breisgau ex Salomé
RFA Olna, Olwen
10000t Ol class

RFA Olna (RFA Ol class)
RFA Rapidol
Belgol class
RFA Serbol
Belgol class
Aase Maersk
Darst Creek
Golden Meadow
Loma Nova
San Adolpho
San Amado
San Ambrosia
Seven Sisters
Store Ships
Fort ships
(1224)Fort Alabama, Fort Constantine, Fort Dunvegan, Fort Edmonton, Fort Providence, Fort Wrangell

Similar type HMS Berry Head (HMS Beachy Head class|Fort ship)
Bosporus, City of Dieppe, Corinda, Darvel, Edna, Gudrun Maersk, Hermelin, Heron, Hickory Burn, Hickory Dale, Hickory Glen, Hickory Steam, Jaarstrom, Kheti, Kistna, Kola, Marudu, Pacheco, Prince de Liege, Princess Maria Pia, Prome, Robert Maersk, San Andres, Sclesvig, Thyra S


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