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Dodekanes Raid 8.9.-22.10.1943

8.9. Italian capitulation agains British on Kastelorizo
11.9. British kapitulation against German on Kastelorizo
14.9. UJ2101 rammed and sunk submarine RHN Katsonis
23.9. HMS Eclipse damaged TA10 and sank steamer Gaetano Donizetti
26.9. Ju88 sank RHN Vasilissa Olga and HMS Intrepid at Leros
1.10. Italian DD Euro sunk at Leros
3-4.10. Battle of Kos (Unternehmen Eisbär)
5.10. Legnano sunk by Ju88
7.10. Sirius, Penelope, Faulknor, Fury, Unruly destroy German convoy
8.10. Unruly sank Minelayer Bulgaria and miss Drache
9.10. HMS Panther sunk, HMS Carlisle heavily damaged
Hunt-class destroyers HMS Aldenham, RHN Pindos and RHN Themistoklis could not intercept German convoy for Kos
22-24.10. HMS Hurworth and Eclipse sank in a German minefield of Drache east of Kalymnos, while RHN Adrias lost its prow
10/11.10. HMS Petard, HMS Rockwood and ORP Krakowiak bombarded Kalymnos and HMS Faulknor bombarded Kos
26.9.-16.11. Battle of Leros (Unternehmen Leopard, Taifun)
16/17.10. Hursley und Miaoulis (griech.) sunk UJ2109 (ex Widness)
11.11. Do217/Hs293 severly damaged HMS Rockwood
13.11. Do217/Hs293 sunk HMS Dulverton
TA 14

Espero (Turbine class), Turbine (Turbine class), Espero (Turbine class) (1/1250)
TA 15

Quintino Sella 1927 (TA15) (Quintino Sella class) (1/1250)
TA 17

TA18/TA17 ex Solferino (Palestro Class)
TA 19

TA19 ex Calatafimi (TA19)
UJ2101, UJ2104, UJ2111

UJ2101 ex Strymon (Mersey class trawler) (1/600), Giovanni Berta (Giovanni Berta class)
Dithmarschen †

Altmark (1939) (Dithmarschen class)
F496, F338

MFP Typ D Marinefährprahm (MFP D)

Drache (ex Zmaj) (1/300)
GA 45 / Elenis / UJ2145
Geleitboot (ex-griech. Zollkreuzer Nioi)
Wachboot Möwe
by Sokol

U-Boot Typ VIIB (Typ VII)

S-Boot Yue 22 (dt. C1) 1938 (Lürssen C1 (S2 / S30) class)

R89 Minenräumer Typ 89 (1942-45) (Typ R89), Similar type R401 1944 (1/1250)
Kondouriotis class

Idra (Idra class) (1/1250), Similar type Freccia (Freccia class) (1/1250), Similar type Folgore (Folgore class), Similar type Freccia (Freccia class)
Vasilefs Georgios class
Vasilissa Olga

ZG3 Hermes (GH Class Destroyer) (1/1250), ORP Garland H37 (GH Class Destroyer)
Hunt II class
Themistoklis, Krakowiak, Hursley

HMS Badsworth L03 (1942) / HNorMS Arendal (Hunt-II-Destroyer), ORP Kujawiak (Hunt-II-Destroyer)
Hunt III class
Pindos, Miaoulis, Rockwood

Hunt III (1941-45) (Hunt-III-Destroyer)
Katsonis class

Similar type Smeli 1929 (Osvetnik class) (1/1250)
Élan class
La Moqueuse, Commandant Dominé

Commandant Delage (Elan class), Élan (Elan class) (1/1250)
C class

HMS Calcutta 1941 (C Class Cruiser)
Arethusa class
Aurora, Penelope

HMS Arethusa 1945 (Arethusa class), HMS Penelope 1940 (Deluxe Edition) (Arethusa class)
Dido class

HMS Naiad (1940) (Dido class)
EF class
Echo, Fury, Faulknor, Eclipse

HMS Echo (EF Class Destroyer)
I class

HMS Impulsive (I Class) (1/500), HMS Inglefield D02 (I Class) (1/1250), HMS Ithuriel (I Class)
JKN class

HMS Kipling Mai 1941 Kreta (JKN Class Destroyer)
OP class
Panther, Penn, Petard

HMS Onslow (OP Class Destroyer)
Q/R class

HMS QR class 1942 (QR class destroyer) (1/1250), Similar type HMS Onslow (OP Class Destroyer)
Porpoise class

HMS Rorqual (Grampus class)
River class

HMS Clyde
S class
Seraph, Sibyl, Sickle, Simoon († durch U565)

HMS Sahib S-class P212 1942/43 (S class U-Boot)
T class
Trooper, Torbay

HMS T class Group III (HMS T class submarine)
U class
Unruly, Unsparing, ORP Sokol

U-Boot SU Type V (V2 ex ex HMS Unbroken P42 U-class Group 2) (HMS U class submarine), HMS Upholder (HMS U class submarine)
Black Swan class
HMIS Sutlej

HMS Ibis (Black Swan)
Italian Ships on Allied Side
Azio class / OSTIA minelayers (1926 - 1928)

Base type Azio class General Soublette 1943 (Azio class|General Soublette ex Dardanelli) (1/1250)
Foca class
Zoea, Atropo

SMG Foca class (SMG Foca)
Bragadin class
Bandiera class


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