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Russ.Jap.War: Battle of Tsushima, 27./28.5.1905

See also "Tsushima 1905: Death of a Russian Fleet von Mark Lardas"

Japanese Combined Fleet

1st Fleet


Mikasa 1902 (Mikasa class), Mikasa (Mikasa class)
Shikishima class
Shikishima, Asahi

Shikishima 1900 (Shikishima class)

Fuji 1905 (Fuji class), Fuji 1897 (Fuji class)
Kasuga class AC
Kasuga, Nisshin

Kasuga (Garibaldi class), Kasuga 1904 (Garibaldi class)
Dispatch vessel

Tatsuta 1894 (Tatsuta 1894), Tatsuta 1903 (Tatsuta 1894)
Harusame class DD
Harusame, Fubuki, Ariake, Asagiri, Murasame

Harusame (1903) (Harusame 1903 class), Similar type Sua Tayanchon (Harusame Class 1902), Harusame (1903) (Harusame 1903 class)
Akatsuki 1905 DD
ex Russ.Reshitel‘nyi

Sokol (1902) (Sokol class), Vsadnik 1894 / Makigumo (Kazarski class)
Ikazuchi class DD
Oboro, Inazuma, Ikazuchi, Akebono

Smyrni ex kuk Ulan (Huszar class|B Class 1913|Mode|Ikazuchi)
Hayabusa class TB
Aotaka, Kari, Tsubame, Hato

Hayabusa 1899 (Hayabusa 1899 class)
Kasagi class C
Kasagi, Chitose

Kasagi 1898 (Kasagi class)
Niitaka class C
Niitaka, Otowa

Tsushima 1904 (Niitaka class), Tsushima 1911 (Niitaka class) (1/1250)
Shirakumo class DD
Shirakumo, Asashio

Shirakumo (Shirakumo class), Shirakumo 1902 (Shirakumo class) (1/1250)
Oshima, Akagi

Akagi (1888) (Maya class 1888)
Destroyer tender
Kasuga Maru, Nikko Maru
Taichu Maru, Tainan Maru, Hong Kong Maru, Nippon Maru

Taichu Maru AMC 1904 (Taichu Maru AMC 1904), Tainan Maru 1905 (Tainan Maru 1905), America Maru
Repair ship
Miike Maru, Koto Maru
Hospital Ship
Kobe Maru
Yamaguchi Maru, Fukuoka Maru,Kinshu Maru, Jinsen Maru, Bushio Maru, Buyo Maru, Tenshin Maru, Hokoku Maru, Taro Maru, Hikosan Maru

2nd Fleet

Izumo class C
Izumo, Iwate

Iwate 1902 (Izumo class cruiser), Iwate (Izumo class cruiser)
Azuma C

Azuma Kreuzer (Azuma class) (1/1250)
Asama class C
Tokiwa, Asama

Tokiwa (Asama class), Asama 1899 (Asama class)
Yakumo C

Dispatch vessel

Chihaya 1910 (1/1250)
Murakumo class DD
Shiranui, Murakumo, Yugiri, Kagero, Shinonome, Usugumo

Murakumo (Murakumo class), Kagero 1902 (Murakumo class) (1/1250)
Akatsuki 1902 class DD

Similar type Smyrni ex kuk Ulan (Huszar class|B Class 1913|Mode|Ikazuchi)
Ikazuchi class DD

Smyrni ex kuk Ulan (Huszar class|B Class 1913|Mode|Ikazuchi)
Naniwa class C
Naniwa, Takachiho

Base type Naniwa Naniwa 1885 (Naniwa class|Naniwa|Elswick Type Cruiser),
Kit candidate: Takachiho und Naniwa by Oceanmoon, Similar type Chao Yung & Yang Wei (Chao Yung class), Similar type Izumi 1900 ex Esmeralda 1884 (Esmeralda 1884 / Izumi|Elswick Type Cruiser)
Suma class C

Suma 1896 (Suma class)
Niitaka class C

Tsushima 1904 (Niitaka class), Tsushima 1911 (Niitaka class) (1/1250)

3rd Fleet

Matsushima class C
Itsukushima, Matsushima, Hashidate

Itsukushima 1891 (Itsukushima class), Matsushima (Itsukushima class), Hashidate (Itsukushima class)
rebuilt ex-Chin Zhenyuan

Chen Yuen, Chin-Yen
Dispatch vessel

Yaeyama 1892 (Milan cruiser class)
TB 31 class
? (sunk No 34 † , 35 † at Tsushima, so what others participated?)

SMS S7 (S7 Class), SMS S7 (S7 Class) (1/1250), SMS Tb 1885 / S7 (S7 Class), IJN TB 31 (IJN TB 31 class|S7 Class)
TB 39 class

IJN 39 class (Viper type) 1901 (IJN 39 class|Yarrow built Viper type)
TB 67 class
No 72-75 (Nr 67 † at Tsushima, so what others participated?)

No.1 Torpedoboat (Hu Peng Class), Hu Peng Class (Hu Peng Class), IJN TB 67 (Hu Peng Class)
Suma C

Suma 1896 (Suma class)
Chiyoda C

Chiyoda 1890 (Chiyoda 1890)
Akitsushima C

Akitsushima 1899
Izumi C

Izumi 1900 ex Esmeralda 1884 (Esmeralda 1884 / Izumi|Elswick Type Cruiser)
Hayabusa class TB
Hibari, Sagi, Hashitaki, Uzura

Hayabusa 1899 (Hayabusa 1899 class)
Destroyer Tender
Toyohashi Maru
Ariake Maru

Russian Fleet

Battle Fleet

Borodino class
Knyaz Suvorov † (Flagship), Imperator Alexandr III † , Borodino, Oryol (captured)

Knyaz Suvorov 1904 (Borodino class), Iwami ex Oryol (Borodino class)
Peresvet class
Oslyaba †

Peresvet 1898 (Peresvet class), Similar type Potemkin / Pantelejmon
Sissoi Velikiy †

Sissoi Veliky 1896 (Sissoi Veliky), Sissoi Veliky 1905 (Sissoi Veliky) (1/1250)
Navarin †
(HMS Trafalgar class)

Navarin (HMS Trafalgar 1890 class) (1/1250), Navarin 1895 ({{textde (basierte auf)}}|{{texten (based on)}}|HMS Trafalgar 1890 class)
Admiral Nakhimov C †
(Variant of brit. Imperieuse class)

Admiral Nakhimov 1897 (1/1250),
Kit candidate: Nakhimov by Kombrig
Imperator Aleksandr II class
Imperator Nikolai I (captured)

Iki ex Imperator Nikolai I (Imperator Nikolai I class), Imperator Nikolai I 1891 (IJN Iki) (Imperator Nikolai I class) (1/1250)
Admiral Ushakov class (Coastal BB)
General Admiral Graf Apraksin (captured), Admiral Seniavin (captured), Admiral Ushakov †

Mishima ex Admiral Senyavin (Admiral Ushakov class), General Admiral Graf Apraksin / Okinoshima (Admiral Ushakov class) (1/1250)
Izumrud class C
Zhemchug, Izumrud

Novik (Kreuzer, 1901) (Novik cruiser class) (1/1250), Novik 1902 (Novik cruiser class)
Bogatyr class C

Bogatyr (Bogatyr) (1/1250),
Kit candidate: (Bogatyr+Oleg+Ochakov by Kombrig)
Pallada class C

Aurora (late) (Diana class),
Kit candidate: (Avrora by Kombrig)
Dmitrii Donskoi C
xx († )

Similar type Vladimir Monomakh 1883 (Vladimir Monomakh) (1/1250)
Vladimir Monomakh C

Vladimir Monomakh 1883 (Vladimir Monomakh) (1/1250), Vladimir Monomakh 1883 (Vladimir Monomakh)
Svetlana C
by Niitaka, Otowa(1212)

Svetlana 1898 (Svetlana 1898 class), Svetlana 1897 (Svetlana 1898 class) (1/1250)
Ural AMC †
ex German Kaiserin Maria Theresia ex Spree

Similar type SS Columbia 1889 / Rapido / Terek (Augusta Victoria class) as Ural, Meteoro

Destroyer Flottilla

Boikyi class
Byedovy xx , Buiny † , Bravy, Buistry † , Blestyashchy † , Bezuprechny † , Bodry, Gromky † , Grozny

Boikyi 1902 (Boikyi class) (1/1250), Bedovy 1902 (Boikyi class)

Transport Squadron

Almaz (Armed Yacht classified as 2nd class cruiser)

Almaz 1903
Anadyr (Transport/Merchant Ship)
(later renamed Dekabrist)

Kit candidate: Anadyr by Fairy Kikaku
Irtuish (Transport/Merchant Ship)
gestrandet xx
Kamchatka (Repair Ship)

Kamchatka 1905
Koreya (Ammunition Ship)

Koreya 1905
Rus (Fleet Tug) †

Rus ex Roland, 1903
Svir (Fleet Tug)

Svir 1905 (Zwartezee), Tsukumo 1943 (Zwartezee)
Oryol (Hospital Ship)

Oryol / Orel Lazarett 1905
Kostroma (Hospital Ship)
(captured) and released again

Kostroma 1905


Raider around Japanese Sea
AMC Kuban, Terek

SS Columbia 1889 / Rapido / Terek (Augusta Victoria class)
Scouting around Japanese Sea
Driester ex German Lahn

Similar type SS Columbia 1889 / Rapido / Terek (Augusta Victoria class) as Ural, Meteoro


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